dinsdag 19 november 2013

Miniature Business and Updates

By at the end of August, I decided to get back in the business of the hobby that had started all the way back in August 2012. Looking at Kickstarters and the way they could get me cool stuff was and, admittedly selfish, thing that I had really grown to love and enjoy, so every once in a while I threw a look around to see if there was anything interesting to see.
Being very much into the Dungeons and Dragons business, my eye found the Kickstarter for an interesting, lovecraftian model called the QU-SH-UG. Though the name didn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it looked pretty awesome, which meant that I decided to keep my eye on it, think about it, and kept looking at the model and the updates for a while.

I never really decide to fund a Kickstarter immediately. There is, after all, always the chance that different things might come into play that will ruin the whole thing for me, like a loss of interest or the fact that I quite frankly, don’t have the money to pay for the thing when it finally ends and the credit card bill rolls in. It means that I’ll have to weigh a lot of pros and cons while deciding on whether or not I’m going to sink any kind of money into the thing at all.

In the end, though, I decided that, yes, it was quite worth the money. It was a high-quality model that would require quite a lot of experience before I would ever allow myself to touch it, but it looked pretty damn amazing, so I went for it.
Long story short, after quite a bit of waiting, as is part of the Kickstarter experience, this cute little box came in around the middle of October that held two Ziploc bags, each of them holding a part of what I had ordered as part of the Kickstarter: one of them held the actual QU-SH-UG and its awesome, amazing tentacles that belonged to it, and the other held six cultists that belonged right next to it and right with it.

To the left: the QU-SH-UG. To the right: the cultists.
Back when I saw the Kickstarter, I realized that this thing was an amazing monster. I had some amazing ideas considering the thing and the different parts of its body, and the cultists made an excellent addition to it for multiple ideas I had.
Now, my dungeon mastering days have ground to a halt for the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get the miniatures and wait for the moment to actually start using them again. The ideas are there…

Now, about the other thing. I realize I haven’t written very regular in the past month. This was partly because of a lack of inspiration and a lack of will to write, which can hit everyone at some point, I guess.
On the other side of the coin, though, was the little event called NaNoWriMo that would start on the first of November and would consume my life for the month. I remember preparing for a good part of December 2012 and January 2013 for the story that I would write, but then it all ground to a halt as I met a roadblock that I couldn’t quite pass just yet.
In October, when the big moment was about to come, I returned to the preparations. I started typing out my notes, hoping to find a way to deal with the problem I had encountered, which took a lot longer than I had expected as I realized that I had made a lot more notes than I had remembered in my little book. Thinking, I eventually found a thing that could deal with my problem, so I progressed on after that…
And then it was November. I hadn’t taken a lot of my time out of my daily schedule to write anything other than my story, and as of today, I’ve crossed into the 100.000 words, doubling the word goal at day nineteen.
That means it’s going strong, the story is going on at a pace that makes it quite possible to beat the word count of last year (149.261). It also means that I won’t be able to write for this blog a little longer, though, as the two writing things really can’t compete when it comes down to the adventure that NaNoWriMo is…

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