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The adventures of Nolan, elven rogue. Part One: goblins attack!

So, I recently managed to place my hands on a Dungeons and Dragons Red Box, which I did mostly for the poster maps and the monster tokens included with it, and with it came two little books: a Player’s Book and a Dungeon Master’s Book. I wasn’t really interested in either of those, considering the fact that I think I’ve got the art of playing and running Dungeons and Dragons down at least a bit. It wasn’t until I found a little note, which contained a download code for a free adventure, which meant free stuff, and which his something I’m always interested in.

As soon as I had downloaded the free adventure, I realized that it was a solo adventure, in the same style as the Player’s Book’s ‘choose your own adventure’ style (‘if you agree, go to 41, if you disagree, go to 89’). The Player’s Book was more to teach people how to create their own character and get it going a little bit, but this extra adventure motivated me to just try it out and build a character, which I’d send through these solo adventures whenever I have a free moment to do so.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, I jumped into the Red Box’s Player’s Book. Chronicled below are the (mis)adventures of Nolan, the elven rogue I built using this book, and it will be followed up with more adventures as soon as I get the time to do them. Naturally, this means these stories will contain spoilers for these adventures.

Nolan was just your average elf, accompanying Traevus, a dwarven merchant as he travelled to Fallcrest to sell his wares and gather return wares and supplies for his trip back to Hammerfast, where he’d perform the same thing over again. Though the man wasn’t very talkative, as was in the dwarven nature, Nolan didn’t really mind. He preferred the stalwart silence of the dwarves over any talkative halfling any day.

What hadn’t been in the planning, though, was the sudden strike of an arrow, embedding itself deeply in Traevus’ shoulder. As the dwarf cried out, Nolan noticed a pack of little creatures storming towards them: goblins, coming to steal the car and Traevus’ wares and killing them in the progress.

Nolan acted quickly and grabbed a dagger he had seen lying around, jumping out of the car to sneak around it and confront the goblins from a position of advantage before they could bring serious harm to Traevus. At the first opportunity, he jumped on the closest goblin and quickly ended its life.

Though the other goblins were clearly shocked by this display of defiance, they also still had the idea of ‘strength in numbers’, quickly running at Nolan and starting to stab at him with knives and short swords. A couple of them managed to wound him, but he also managed to fight back and, turning his fighting into a more defensive style, eventually wear the goblins down enough to make them realize that he was more of a challenge than they had initially thought. The survivors chose that discretion was still the better part of valour, turned their tail, and ran for their lives.

As the goblins ran, Nolan noticed a person sitting on a black horse, standing on the crest of a hill, several hundred yards away. Though Nolan couldn’t make out any features, he saw the rider shake his fists in frustration before turning away and riding for the Moon Hills. Before Nolan could decide if the pursuit would be worth the trouble, though, Traevus’ swears pulled him back to reality.

The dwarf had noticed that something had been stolen, though he wasn’t very specific about what it was. All he said was that it was very precious to him. Though the dwarf hadn’t been very talkative, Nolan had appreciated his willingness to let him travel besides him on the trek to Fallcrest, so he decided that it would be worth the trouble to help the merchant with his problem. Traevus even offered to reward him with thirty gold pieces, after which he described the little wooden box with personal contents that he had to find and retrieve.

Figuring that the fleeing goblins had taken the little lockbox – even though Nolan hadn’t seen any of them carrying it away, the situation had been rather chaotic – Nolan decided that he would have to put the rider out of his mind for the moment and track the little creatures to their lair.

Though the goblins had scattered in all directions after they had ran, Nolan managed to find tracks leading back to the direction of attack the goblins had chosen. After picking up their tracks, it was easy for him to decide where to go and find more signs of the little critters passing by. The tracking quickly led through rough terrain, but it wasn’t much of a problem for his trained, elven feet, and he eventually found his way to the entrance of a cave system without alerting any goblin guards posted outside.

Sneaking in, it didn’t take long before Nolan managed he was finally starting to mess up. One of the goblins inside spotted him and screamed before he managed to silence him, and he got swarmed by four of the creatures before he even realized it. Stabbing left and right, still only brandishing the dagger he had taken from Traevus’ cart, the creatures managed to wear him down quite badly before he took them all down.

Looking at the entrance going deeper into the cave, Nolan realized there would be a whole lot more goblins waiting inside. Though the fight in the entrance might not have warned them off just yet, it was just a matter of time before they would be alerted to his presence and swarm him until he was dead.

He would need some allies to do this.

Noting the cave’s entrance on his map, Nolan turned his back to the caves and started walking to Fallcrest. Adventure was waiting for him.

So, there you have it, the Red Box’s little create-your-character adventure. The immediate sequel to this is ‘Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens’, which will be the next adventure log, detailing Nolan’s further misadventures. Looking forward to it!

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