zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Doing things and ambitions

So, the point I feared has arrived. I'm already struggling to find things I really want to write about. Why don't I want to write about mundane things? I don't really know.

What I do know, is that quite some things have happened in the past week. I went shopping with my girlfriend, which I actually quite enjoyed - I really don't see what bothers other people with the whole shopping thing, actually spending quality time with your better side is fun, right? - and actually brought home more things than she did. This was mostly due to the fact that she's all 'I have so many things already, so if I buy something it really has to stand out', which is only something I can admire, but it was still a point of minor ridicule upon return and the realization of this.
What I also did during that shopping trip was buy a red shirt, because the only red shirt I have is starting to get old and worn by repeated ironing, which sucks. Unfortunately, I only realized afterwards that it was a short sleeved shirt, as opposed to a long sleeved shirt, which I think look horrible when worn with a suit. Opinions might differ on this, but I really don't like it, but I already managed to misplace the receipt, so I'll have to live with it and purchase an actual red shirt some time else. Or really dig through my paper bin, I'm sure it's somewhere in there.

Speaking of my girlfriend, she actually graduated from her high school, and had her graduation ceremony just this thursday, which was... different, when comparing it to my own graduation ceremony, three years ago. When I graduated, every student got a chance to say something about one of their colleagues, but now the mentors made picture collages that would symbolize the student and his or her experiences at the school and gave the students a chance to say what they tought about the pictures before actually telling the story they intended.
There were a lot of stories coming from the teachers and the mentors of the students, but I think it was wrong of them to give the students only a minor chance to talk about their life and, something I noticed, whenever something negative was said, the mentors immediately started to contradict that, or go 'I didn't really want to mention that', which was a shame in my eyes. No stories are without their negative points, and actually talking about bad things can be quite fun when done in the right way and about the right things. It felt rather forced, now.
It was a fun day, though, during which a big chapter in my girlfriend's life got closed, so I'm proud of her regardless and hope she'll do just as well at university as she did during high school.

Now, about the ambitions part... Because of my thesis, I didn't really have a chance to buy new games for the better part of the year... The last game I bought was Black Ops 2... Used. This means I have quite the bucket list of games I want to buy and play, which I might just spend a future blog about, but right now, Mass Effect 3's DLC (Omega and Citadel, respectively) is managing to keep me occupied whenever I desire a moment of distraction from the more important parts of my life.
I really need to get that backlog cleared up, though...

Finally, I've been debating with myself for a while now whether or not to invest in a keyboard and some piano lessons, considering the fact that I always resented the fact that I never invested that much in my music classes at school and now can't really play an instrument. Considering the fact that I tend to suffer from a low self-esteem and never really seemed to connect with anything place in front of me at school, I always pushed this idea away from me...
Courtesy of, which is hilarious
I think the above image fits my situation rather well. I think I'm currently hovering between 'I can't do it' and 'I want to do it', which is a minor victory in my mind. One optimistic day I actually went 'How do I do it', and went looking for a (cheap) keyboard, which I found at eBay (link), but I'm still thinking about the investment of time, money, and commitment it will require. The last thing I want is a keyboard sitting in my room, taunting me every day about the lack of will to put time into learning to use that thing.
It's still a point of doubt for me, mostly because I doubt my ability to focus on two things (my hands) at a time and, thus, suck at it by default. However, my grandfather, who plays (or used to play) his church's organ, admitted that he spent hours just practicing the music he would have to play that sunday, because he wouldn't be able to, otherwise. That's a reason to at the very least try, in my eyes...

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