dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Kickstarter: Savage Worlds Character Sheets

So, today, one of my backed Kickstarters delivered, which is always a joy to see.

It was the Savage Worlds Character Sheet pads one (link), which was actually one I was looking forward to, what with me preparing a homebrew Savage Worlds setting for some time, now. I like the system, because it allows easy access to just about every kind of game you want to run, without being forced to homebrew stuff, and it advertises it's combat as being 'fast, fluid and fun'. That's one of my pet peeves in DnD4e, where combat, with the massive amount of available powers and abilities at higher levels, can quickly slow down to a crawl when one or two people start pulling out the big guns. With SW's simplified combat system and its allowance of making roleplay-heavy games, it seems like an excellent alternative, just like the (new) World of Darkness.

The pad and card, next to a printed Deluxe Edition Character Sheet

A while back, I took the liberty of statting out one of the important NPC's of the homebrew world I mentioned above and printed out the sheet to make this easier to do. As you can see, the sheet has started to curl a little, which I blame mostly on the cheap quality of the printer paper we use over here, combined with the liberal amounts of ink applied to it thanks to the full-color page I printed. It wasn't cheap.
Now, when you look at the pad, you can see that, though it's black-and-white, the paper is of high quality and it probably won't start curling up unless you start rolling it. I've got five of those pads, and there's twenty-five sheets per pad, so that's 125 characters ready to be made.
Above the pad are the businesscard-sized mini-sheets, which are really more to 'take your sheet with you', so you don't have to slog around a character sheet and can, basically, play your character everywhere, every time, if you keep it in your wallet. They're very small and basic, though, and especially advanced characters probably won't manage to fit everything on there. I've received 120 of these, as well, so I'll see how much we can do with those.

Now, I just need to find a way to get that game going. We've got a lot of things going, already, so I told my friends I won't start anything new until we've finished off something else, so it might be a while, but these things will be ready when the time comes!

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