zondag 14 juli 2013


So, at work today, they actually let me run the show for the evening.
Sure, there was someone more experienced than me to back me up and take care of missing things, but the plan is for me to do this more often. That, maybe, I can start closing shop on my own in the near future.
To be completely fair, I stopped enjoying my work a while ago. It was starting to get frustrating, and I didn't go home happy anymore. The fun was just gone from it all. Today was pretty intense, though, despite the fact that it was 'leadership light', and if it always goes like it went today (it won't), it'll be fun and games. It might just bring the fun back into my work, which is something I crave, despite the fact that I'm still planning to go and find a real job when I've finished my bachelor's degree.
So, let's see how this goes. Who knows, it might just give me a sense of responsibility and experience. Spooky...

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