zaterdag 13 juli 2013

Game Time

During a previous blog post, I promised to make a backlog list of the games I still want to play, but which I don’t have in my possession just yet. It actually required a bit of thinking, considering the fact that I’m not that good at remembering things, and I eventually decided to call in the help of, which conveniently allows me to look back at the releases per month, so I can actually find what I’m still missing.
Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make some kind of system and make a somewhat longer list with a bit of a story and explanation, so… Let’s do this thing. Word of warning ahead: there’s probably going to be quite some shooters in here, because I’m not ashamed of the fact that I enjoy games like Call of Duty. It’s mindless fun.

Asura’s Wrath, released on February 24, 2012. I’m not all too sure about this one, I’ve played the demo and actually enjoyed it, but I noticed that it was mostly QTE’s and a lot of spectacle, and something is telling me that the actual game might not be that great. A second-hand tryout, I guess…

Prototype 2, released on April 27, 2012. I… guess I enjoyed the original? I don’t know, I never really got around to unlocking the full story of the original. Second-hand, definitely.

Lollipop Chainsaw, released on June 15, 2012. The sex appeal, mostly, though I watched a lot of gameplay video’s and achievement guides, and it appeared to be pretty tongue-in-cheek next to that sex appeal, which can be quite fun. Worst case scenario, I return it for store credit.

Spec-Ops: The Line, released on June 29, 2012. The story has been applauded as being deep and, quite frankly, rather broody and dark. The ally AI has been condemned for being stupid and suicidal. If I’d buy this, it’d be for the story, I’m sure. I don’t think I’ll feel forced to play it for the gameplay or the achievements…

Dishonored, released on October 12, 2012. I’ve heard many good things about this game, and I’ve come to understand that the story is quite excellent while the gameplay is interesting and innovative. That’s a lot of big keywords, which really don’t mean anything when considered, but I’m willing to believe the critics (and no, I don’t consider Yahtzee to be a critic) that it might just be a good game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, released on October 12, 2012, as well. This one is probably more of a legacy game, even though I never really played the original XCOM’s. I’m pretty unsure about how much enjoyment I’ll get out of this, considering the fact that I heard it contains quite some bugs that only the real die-hard XCOM fans can look past. It’s probably a game I’ll pick up second-hand somewhere when it becomes available and I need to kill some time.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, released on October 25, 2012. This is mostly because I’m not ashamed of the fact that I enjoy Modern Shooter games, which includes their linearity and spectacle effects. I might be a bit of a freak, there, so don’t mind me in my little hole.

Halo 4, released on November 6, 2012. I’m really not all that sure about this game, actually. I picked up the other Halo’s during sales, second-hand, etcetera, and I never really enjoyed them all that much. I’m hearing good things about it, just like about the other ones, and it’d be a shame if I left a legacy game of the 360 behind, especially if it turns out really good. I’ll probably give it the same treatment as XCOM, see if I can find it second-hand somewhere.

The Crysis trilogy, which is released at various dates, is just about the same as the previous ones. I never really got interested in the original Crysis, mostly because it was akin to torturing my computer when it was just released, but now it’s one of those games that can prove to be quite the experience once again. Back then, when I was able to play it for about an hour or so, I saw quite some things I liked, and now that it’s available as an XBOX downloadable, it might be worth it to invest in that one and get the other two, again, second-hand somewhere.

Gears of War: Judgement, released on March 19, 2013. This is one of the big ones, which I actually really want to have. I was one of the few who actually liked the story in the Gears of War games and I’ve read four of the novels that connect the different games to each other, so I’m considering myself to be quite invested in the story. I’m pretty interested in what happens during that game.

Bioshock Infinite, released on March 26, 2013. Another big one, probably the first one I’ll pick up. Again, Bioshock and Bioshock 2 were really fun and interesting to play, and I’ve only heard better things about Infinite. It’s even gone so far that I’ve purposely been avoiding reviews and blogs containing spoilers, mostly because I want to find out by myself.

Army of Two: the Devil’s Cartel, released on March 29, 2013. My brother and I beat the original Army of Two and 40th Day in co-op together, and I actually hope to be able to do that with The Devil’s Cartel, as well. Though I thought that Army of Two: 40th Day wasn’t as much fun as the original, lacking a lot of the feel of and being a lot more dark and serious than the original. I’m also unsure about how I’ll deal with the lack of the original protagonists (spoilers, I guess), but we’ll see.

Deadpool, released on June 28, 2013. This one really slipped underneath my radar, and I really don’t consider myself to be a fan of Deadpool, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the game and the character, again, so I guess I’ll give it a whirl if I can find the time for it…

So, concluding… That’s a lot of games I’ll pick up second-hand. I actually always try to do it like this, mostly because it safes me a bucketload of money, so it was one of the reasons I was starting to doubt about what I’d do after the whole XBOX One debacle. With it’s lack of second-hand compatibility (until the One became the One-Eighty, at least), it would seriously hurt my funding. Thankfully, the guys at Microsoft decided that the negative backlash they had received after that little announcement was enough to make them re-think their strategy and back-pedal a bit, which means I don’t have to be afraid of that fact. Making the One-Eighty backwards-compatible would be awesome, but I think that’s a little more difficult. I’m no expert, but I’d be willing to buy it if they said it was harder.

So, when the time comes around for me to buy a new console, I guess I’m going to stack the XBOXes in case I ever feel like going back to the older games, though I have to admit, aside from a recent Freelancer craving (ten years later, still a great game), I don’t tend to suffer from that kind of things. We’ll see.

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